Whipping & Caning

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Immediate Caning

Will this stupid slave ever learn? He was told to polish Lady Pascal's expensive sports car but he is doing that without passion and he does a lot of jokes. So many canings seem to show no effort. Exactly as he rubbs his ass against the car, his female owner leaves the house.

"What are you doing here and why is my car not ready? Well, being fast has never been one of your skills! Bent over!", Pascal commands with a strict voice. She has the cane in your hand already. The slave tries to discuss and to explain but his punishment is already decided. Whatever he says cause more trouble for him. Pascal is a strict woman and this slave has to be caned immediately.

The cruel Mistress does not hesitate. She starts beating him without any mercy. This will help him to do a better job next time. After a while he moans louder and louder and the upper part of his body rears up again and again. But everytime Lady Pascal beats his back with the cane and this reminds him to keep his position bend over until the punishment is done.

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