Whipping & Caning

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Whipping The Sniffer

This slave was told to private Akella's private room for her return from the city. As he is finnished, he can't resist, he opens the drawer and starts sniffing Akella's underwear. So close to his Mistress he realises too late that Akella enters the room and so he is caught.

"What are you doing here? Sniffing my underwear? It's horrible and pathetic!", Akella says. She looks so stunning in her skin tight leather outfit, combined with snake skin boots and gloves. She pushes him to her bed and orders him to bend over. "You know what happens in this house in cases like this?", she asks while she grabs the long and thin dressage whip. Of course, she doesn't expect an answer. She runs the whip through the air and only the sound is horrible.

The blond beauty takes a good position and then a cruel punishment starts. The more she beats him, the more angry she gets. How can he touch her underwear and how can he sniff it? It's so disgusting and so she beats him harder and harder with that cruel whip. Red lines appears on his ass, more and more but Akella is still not satisfied. She just announces more lashes to make sure he will never do that again.

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