Whipping & Caning

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The New Housekeeper

As the new houskeeper comes into the small meeting room he already has that feeling that there is something different in that house. The arrogant landlady, who guided him into the room is, is dressed in a skin tight snake leather dress, matching overknee boots and short gloved. She wears a lot of expensive jewelry and she speaks with a low but dominant voice.

She says that his application papers looks nice and that he should be used to work in and around an high society house. She would give it a try. So he finally has the guts to ask here why there is a punishment bench in the room. The lady smiles and says: "Well, maybe I forgot to mention that we have strict rules in this house. Everything is done as I said or you will be punished!"

The new housekeeper is very surprised but before he can ask another question Countess Stella says: "But maybe it is good that you asked. We should try if you can take strict punishments. Drop down your pants and bent over!" He can't believe but the strict landlady already has a cane in her gloved fingers...

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