Human Ashtrays

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Mean And Arrogant

The vainly and spoiled Countess Stella sits on the big leather chair in one of the colonial style in her mansion. She is dressed like wealthy women love to dress theirself: In expensive and skin tight leather, jewelry over her long leather gloves, perfect make up and her. And of course, with a glas of champagne in her hand.

"Come here, I need an ashtray!", she says and immediately her private butler crawls in. He presents her the cigarettes and lights up the cigarette for her. He is not allowed to look into her eyes. It doesn't take more than a minute and the butler has to cough, he can't handle the smoke from cigarettes.

Of cource, Stella doesn't care. On the contrary! With a mean smile she now starts blowing the smoke directly into his face and she has so much fun watching his fight not to cough again. There is no better entertainment for the rich lady than bringing trouble to her slaves...

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