Boots & High Heels

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Sharp Heels Trampling

The young and hot Miss Tess comes into the room where her slave is laying on the ground, ready to be abused by the mean girl. Tess is dressed in a sexy, skin tight and short dress and a pair of breathtaking GML leather boots.

"How do you like my new boots?", she asks the slave and presents him the ultra sharp, metal spiked heels. He knows that he is going to suffer under these heels now and he already moans in fear. But Tess just laughts at him and tells him that she loves her new boots and that she will show him how much she loves them.

So she steps on his belly and a hard trampling starts. She digs the sharp heels into his nipples and balls until he can't take it anymore. A short break and then she starts over. She looks so hot and demanding. How can such a beautiful young lady be so cruel and heartless?

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