Female Domination

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Nasty Guard

A prisoner in the femdom world has no easy live. Chained to the wall he has to spend hours and days in the same position in a dark and cold cellar. But there is one thing that adds insult to injury: Lady Faye and her acts of caprice!

Also today, the mean lady comes downstairs, dressed in skin tight leggings and a provocative wide opend blouse. She smiles at him and puts on black leather gloves. She asks if the prisoner is happy to see her? What else can he answer than: Yes. Faye's evil grins promises no good thing. She says that he will be more happy when she is done.

She then grabs his face and brings it into the right position. What follows are endless salvos of faceslpaps. She makes him thank her for every slap and verbally humiliates him. And then, she continues with hard faceslaps. She is such a nasty guard.

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