Boots & High Heels

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Boot Prisoner - Part 1

Alone in a hole for several days. Heavy iron bars above his head. Darkness everywhere... Today there is a light and the sound of high heels comes closer.

What he sees is The Hunteress high above him, dressed in skin tight shiny latex and thigh high boots. "Let me out!" he asks and grabs the iron bars but the cruel woman steps on his fingers with her sharp heel. And then she explains him that he should forget his former life. He is here to become her slave and there is only one chance to get out of that hole: To obay and satisfy her.

He is ordered to lick her boots now, exactly as she tells him. With big passion. It's hard to reach that boots from the deep hole. But The Hunteress doesn't care. Her sharp commands will show him his new place and he better does a good job!

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