Human Ashtrays

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Cruel Ashtray Drill

"So, you are the new slave here?", Madame Charlotte asks the prisoner as she enters the small room in the basement. "You're brought to me by your Mistress because she is not satisfied with your ashtray service!", the blond lady continues while she lights up a cigarette.

She explains him that he is here now because she will change that. They are deep down under the streets in the basement of an old house. Nobody will miss him and nobody will hear him screaming. "Open your mouth!", Charlotte commands but the slave hesitates. He really hates the taste of the ash. Charlotte smiles, leaves the scene and within a few seconds she returns with an electric shock device. The slave can't believe in his eyes.

But Madame Charlotte does'nt hesitate to make use of it and she laughts as the slave jumps in pain. And now he opens his mouth. "Tongue out!", the leather clad woman commands and makes him jumping again. He does and she drops the ash on his tongue. This slave will become a first class ashtray...

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