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  • To The Hundred And Back - Part 5

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    In the last part you will know why this movie is called "To The 100 And Back". As Miss Capone reaches the 100 strokes and the slaves ass burns like fire and he is at his and she chooses a heavy rubber cane and tells him, that they will gob back now to zero!

  • To The Hundred And Back - Part 3-4

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    The young Mistress continues to torture her new client with the violent wand. He struggles like crazy everytime Miss Capone brings the devlish device to his body. Blue flashes are dancing on his skin while he moans in pain. After a while Miss Capone decides that's time now for a good beating.

  • To The Hundred And Back - Part 1-2

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    Miss Capone is in a very bad mood because a new client asked many stupid questions on the phone. Now, as he is in her dungeon, he will learn how to contact a professional Mistress! The cruel lady starts with training the slave in obedience. He is ordered to kiss her high heeled boots and he must crawl around the dungeon.

  • What's Your PIN? - Part 1-3

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    Welcome to Lady Missy and Lady Capone, two of our new Mistresses this year!

    Two young ladies have met a manager at a party and persuaded him to follow them. They find his credit cards and now the want to go shop with his cards. Because the mother of one young lady owns a professional dungeon the young chicks bring him into the torture room and try to find out the PINs of the cards.