Whipping & Caning

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The Slave Clinic

This slave has spent the last hours in a small cage. Now, the sound of stiletto heels comes closer. All he can see is the white lab coat and that the female doctor is wearing thigh high leather boots under it. It is Mistress Akella who keeps him imprisoned here for her cruel experiments.

She has his papers in her leather gloved hands and asks him how he feels after the last whipping what is only a few hours ago. The man begs her not to punish him again but Akella explains him that it's no punishment, it's an experiment to enhance his ability to take pain. That's why he is now going to be whipped again, but for six minutes now instead fours.

Akella pulls him out of the cage and attaches his hands to a chain that hangs down from the ceiling. Like a doctor she checks his heartbeat but then she takes her short bullwhip. She opens the lab coat and you can see that the sadistic woman wears a black leather body only. What now follows is a cruel whipping for six minutes that seem to be endless for the abused male.

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