Boots & High Heels

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Abusing The Prisoner

It's late in the night as the heavy iron door to the slave cell in the basement opens and someone enters the cell. There is the sound of high heels and then the light turns on, someone kicks the prisoner with high heeled boots, followed by the sharp command: "Up!"

The prisoner needs some seconds to understand what's going on. It's Lady Chanel, the cruel female guard, who loves to give the prisoners a very hard time. She is feared by all the prisoners because nobody knows what will happen next. Her mood changes from one second to another. This night she is dressed in skin tight jodhpurs and knee high boots.

"Come on, stupid! Lick my boots!", she says and the prisoner knoes that he better to a good job. Otherwise he will be whipped. That's for sure. And Chanel, high above him, loves to see him crowling on the dirty ground, licking her leather boots. This powerful feeling is so exciting.

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