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  • Gallery: Akella Mix

    blonde Mistress in schwarzem Leder

    HUGE picture set starring blonde prodomme mistress akella (UK) wearing three different adorable outfits in different shooting sets: leather, boots, corset... there are probably no wishes left unfulfilled...?! Set includes pictures of the mistress on her own (even some great portraits) as well as with her slave bounded or licking her boots!

  • Wakeup Caning

    we are here in the dungeon where cruel goddess mistress akella locks their slaves in. as she enters dressed in leather and obviously in a bad mood she shouts: "hey, its 2 o clock in the morning and you still sleeping! whats the problem? wake up! immediately!"

  • Whipped Worker

    here we have another phantastic clip with gorgeous ladies mistress akella and black diamoond. we have a wonderful sunny evening as the ladies, dressed in leather from head to toe are on a platform watching their poor slaves naked cleaning the area on the ground.

  • Outdoor Worship

    lets go on today with a new phantastic domination clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. its a wonderful evening on a sunny summer day as the mistress relaxes outdoors by smoking an electric cigarette. all the daily hard work when taming and punishing slaves until they are total exhausted needs some relaxing.

  • Released For Bootlicking

    life of slaves is somehow pretty simple. just be encaged in a cage as long as a mistress wants, nothing to worry about and stay there for hours, days, months. and if the mistress is in the mood she will let a slave out for her enjoyment.

  • The Electronic Cigarette

    here we have a wonderful special clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. dressed in a wonderful rubber outfit she has her masked slave already on his knees kneeling before the goddess as it should be.

  • Worship 2 Goddesses

    we are again in the slave farm today as mistress akella enters bringing a present to german mistress blackdiamoond. the slave starts where a slave has to start getting on all fours and lick the leather boots of the mistress.

  • Wanker Control

    we are today in a wonderful bdsm bar with gorgeous mistress akella wearing wonderful snakeprint high heel boots sitting on a chair. "okay slave, i am in a really good mood today, so i allow you to relief today, but… you have only five minutes to do. and you are not allowed to come out of the last minute. so i will set the time for you now" she says having her smartphone in her hands.

  • Gallery: Akella's Toy

    Picture set with the stunning Mistress Akella who is wearing such an amazing latex out and ulra hot red heels. Bad day for her slave who receives a very hard ball busting from the cruel beauty.

  • Sorry Is Never Good Enough

    "what did you did slave, you were ordered to wash the windows and not to lurke around and watch into my room" gorgeous mistress akella starts as she catches one of her slaves outside. "you know what is going to happen, if you dont follow my orders! SORRY IS NEVER ENOUGH!"

  • Lick My Feet Slave

    today we have another phantastic clip with superbeautiful pro dom mistress akella. she enters the room and is very happy that she finds a nice decorated bar. behind is a masked slave who gives her a drink.

  • Spoiled

    Late at night Mistress Akella returns from a party, dressed in a skin tight, red dress that caught your breath and expensive stiletto heels. The blond beauty lays down on a couch, claps her hands and says: "Property, come here!"

  • Lick My Red Pumps Slave

    lets go on today with a new clip of phantastic goddess mistress akella. she is dressed in black wonderful rubber sitting on a throne and on her gorgeous feet are red shiny high heel pumps in a classic style.

  • Testing A New Slave

    here we have another phantastic new clip with mistress akella. clip starts with a knocking on the door and a slave trader opens the door for mistress akella. she is very angry due to the calls of the trader on the day and want to know why he called her several times.

  • Angry, Cruel And Brutal

    Mistress Akella is the strict head Mistress of the male correction castle. The castle is known for severe methods to make a man a good slave. Every little mistake will be punished immediately. The female instructors wear heavy leather trousers, leather gloves and high heeled boots.

  • Hard Whipping In Red

    today we have here another phantastic clip of our "red series" starring mistress akella. her slave is tied up with his arms raised in the air and mistress akella is in the mood for a good whipping today.

  • The Cruel Fetish Model

    Do you like long legged models in skin tight latex? This clip will make you breathless. Mistress Akella is also known as a foto model but the beautiful blonde lady has a secret. She loves to torture males especially she loves to kick them and to bust their balls.

  • How To Behave

    "do you know if this is the right way to residenz avalon?" beautiful mistress akella asks a slave that is quite busy outdoor cleaning the ground. "i dont know miss. i work now." the pathetic slave answers. not a good idea to behave in this way, not kneeling, not answering properly to a mistress like akella.

  • Slapped For Lousy Working

    there is always work to do for a slave and the work never stops. our slave here was ordered to clean the outdoor area of the centre of correction where cruel ladies like mistress akella and black diamoond rule.

  • Whipping The Sniffer

    This slave was told to private Akella's private room for her return from the city. As he is finnished, he can't resist, he opens the drawer and starts sniffing Akella's underwear. So close to his Mistress he realises too late that Akella enters the room and so he is caught.