Female Domination

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Angry, Cruel And Brutal

Mistress Akella is the strict head Mistress of the male correction castle. The castle is known for severe methods to make a man a good slave. Every little mistake will be punished immediately. The female instructors wear heavy leather trousers, leather gloves and high heeled boots.

Akella wants to take to one of the slaves in her office. He is following her. As they reach the door, Akella snaps with her fingers and without looking at him she snaps: "Keys!". If the slave wouldn't wear a mask we would see his head turning into a red color. "Keys!", Akella demands again and the slave has to confess that he forgot the keys. Immediately the cruel beauty grabs his collar and pushes him down to the floor.

Akella is more than angry. She expects perfection and this stupid slave forgot the keys, She kicks him hard into his balls. Time for a lesson. More and more kicks. How can he forget the keys. She kicks him harder and harder. Again and again. Everytime he breaks, she pulls him back into the right position for more kicks. She really wants to make sure that he will never forget something...

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