Boots & High Heels

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Extreme Boot Drill

It's deep in the night, the prisoners are sleeping, as the door is opened and the light is turned on. "Up", is the strict order Madame Charlotte shouts into the cellar and before the prisoners can realize what happens, the are kicked out of there wooden beds by her heavy leather boots.

The prisoners try to get out of the beds as fast as possible but thats not enough. More hard kicks and Charlotte shouts: "You have to lick my boots automatically in my presence. No matter where we are and what time it is!" Then she points out to one of the slaves and orders him to start licking her boots. And she wants him to do that with a lot of passion.

While he tries his best, the cruel woman humiliates him a lot and pushes him to lick harder and better. After a while she changes the slaves and the other slave has to clean the soles and the feels. She want's her boot with a light shine. She is never satisfied. And nobody knows how often she will return this night for another boot drill...

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