Human Ashtrays

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Clean Your Tongue, Ashtray!

Dressed in skin tight leather, Lady Pascal starts training a new slave. He is still in the cage he was delivered in. Naked, a nice contrast to the arrogant lady in black leather. The training starts simple but it is important.

This slave will learn that he is no longer a person, he is now a thing for his Mistress. In that case he is an ashtray. That means: He has to be quiet and he always has to present a clean tongue to his female owner so Pascal can enjoy to drop hot ash on it.

If he doesn't perform as expected, Pascals red polished, long and sharp nails speak books what happens. They look so sexy but dangerous while she enjoys her cigarette. Of course, the most painful moment is just to come, when she has finished the cigarette and when she needs something to stub it out.

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