Whipping & Caning

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Lesson 2

The young but cruel business lady Cloe has bought a new slave. As always, she bought an old one because she loves to dominate old slaves. Usually they don't need a lot of training, they are easy to handle and obey every order. But this one seems to be different. He starts to discuss too many times, so Cloe decided that he has to spent the night in a small cage.

It's the next morning and Cloe is ready to meet her friends, but before she leaves the mansion, she will give this old guy the next lesson. A good whipping with her favourite whip: An old slavedriver whip, as they were used on the plantation. Again, the old man tries to discuss but Cloe is not here for discussion. She starts to beat him with the whip with full power. Today, she will make clear that he better obey, otherwise he will feel the whip.

It only takes a minute and what started as a discussion turns into begging for mercy. But mercy is something that the mean lady doesn't know. Once she has started a whipping, she doesn't stop until she had enough fun with her victim. The more he begs and the more he jumps in pain, the harder she whips the old man. Just for fun...

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