Boots & High Heels

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Office Break

This clip continues to tell the story of the brave book holder who was enslaved by the two arrogant secretaries. See the "You Are Our Slave Now" clip if you missed. The submissive male has to wait now in the hall behind the office building, just for the case that the young ladies come and want to be served by him.

And really, the sound of high heels comes closer and then he sees two pairs of naked legs that end up in skin tight and short skirts. Both women wear tight office jackets and they have their long and nice hair open. Their whole appearance makes him so helpless and shivering.

"Our shoes are dusty again!", Sarah says with a snotty voice and the slave answers immediately: "I have to clean them!" and while he says that he already starts to lick the soft leather of her high heeled shoes. So 4 shoes are to be cleaned by his tongue, including 4 sharp heels, while the arrogant women look down at him and verbally humiliate him. They have such an easy life now since they own this office slave...

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