Female Domination

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Just Four Digits

This man has a little secret: He is the only one who knows the code to open a small box with important informations. He was brought to this place and now he finds himself bound to a metal rack, masked and half naked. A blond lady comes closer, dressed in skin tight jodhpurs, a provocative blazer and amazing boots with ultra thin high heels. It is Mistress Akella, known and feared for cruel interrogations.

The blond beauty walks around him and whispers like a snake: "I want to hear just for digits from you!" but the man says that he has no idea what she is talking about. Akella smiles to herself. She is absolutely sure that she will break him. She takes She takes some heavy clamps and put them on his nipples. The man screams in pain but he is still able to resists.

No problem for the mean lady. She attaches a thin chain to his nipples and sits down. While she has a very comfortable seat, she pulls on the chain again and again. The male struggles in pain and Akella laughs. She puts more clamps to his nipples, pulls them of and puts them on again. We all know that he will talk in the end, it's just a question of time.

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