Whipping & Caning

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Army Whipping

here we have the newest clip with mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. recruit karl is ordered to come over to the leading mansion as he preformred very badly in sports at least. so he is ordered by the cruel ladies to take his uniform down and bend over a short block in the hall.

next his arms and legs are tied together. time nor for punishment. mistress nemesis using a short and very painful whip to whip his shoulders and his ass. of course he has to count the strokes. then its up to mistress cloe to pay her attention to the bare skin of the recruit. mistress nemesis has lots of fun pressing on the marked flesh with the heels of her boots. still not convinced that recruit karl will perform better mistress cloe using now a very painful short bullwhip. classic whipping clip with 2 gorgeous ladies.

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