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  • Husband Education 3

    lets go on here with 3rd part of long husband and his wife feature starring brandnew mistress lady aurora nia noxx. in the first two parts we saw a wife bringing her husband to a dominatrix to teach him some lesson and to improve his manners and behavior.

  • Husband Education 2

    here we have today the second part of the long feature with brandnew lady aurora nia noxx and a mysterious lady. just as a reminder: part 1 is already available here. a lady brings her husband to a dominatrix cuz he shown a bad attitude and behaves very bad.

  • Husband Education 1

    as we said already earlier, there will be new productions here on sadoladies and we keep our promise. and we are extremely glad to present a new mistress here with us: lets welcome german pro dom and adorable goddess aurora nia noxx!

  • The Perfidious Bride

    Love is blind! This old man really thought that the young and beautiful Chanel has married him because she loves him although he has been warned by his friend. This woman is perfidious! The wedding night open his eyes but it's to late now!

  • Good Husband Slave

    A well trained husband slave makes life much more comfortable for a spoiled woman. Akella just returned from a ride and there is dust on her stunning boots now. She snaps her fingers and a big and strong slave appears immediately. Masked, with a heavy leather collar. He addresses her as Mistress but Akella smiles at her husband.

  • Beating My Husband

    "Come on, darling, don't be afraid!", the mean wife says with a soft voice as she leads her husband into the dungeon in the basement of the house. His dick is fully erected already. This is no surprise if you see how Ella Kros is dressed in this clip.

  • The Cruel Wife's Ashtray

    We are back in the house of the rich man and his cruel wife. And his wife has dressed in that skin tight and see through latex dress again and that means she is going to dominate her husband this evening.