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  • Gallery: The Hunteress

    wunderschöne Herrin in Strapsen und Pumps

    HUGE picture set starring THE HUNTERESS wearing such an adorable outfit: satin lingerie, stockings, gloves and heels - all black! Set includes pictures of the mistress on her own as well as with her slave kneeing on the floor - where he belongs!

  • Heavy Slaps Without Gloves

    "I want you to take off my gloves now!", the Hunteress says to the slave who kneels in front of her. The Hunteress is sitting in a chair and her style is breath taking. She wears vintage lingerie, combined with seamed stockings and amazing high heels.

  • Gallery: The Hunteress 2

    A pictures set of the latex clad Hunteress as she comes down to the cellar for haiving fun with one of the prisoners.

  • Smoking Hunteress

    "Slave, fetch me a cigarette!", the Hunteress commands the slave and she pulls hard at the chain that is wrapped round his neck. The arrogant Mistress looks so stunning in her black vintage lingerie, the stockings and these long leather gloves. Her lips are painted so red.

  • Broken Again

    The Hunteress enters the basement and she leads her slave to a small punishment cross, commands him to bent over and attaches his hands to the cross. Something cruel will happen now, because The Hunteress is dressed in skin tight black leather from top to toe.

  • Gallery: Red Latex Guard

    A big pictures set of The Hunteress as a guard in the basement, dressed in red and black latex clothes and overkne rubber boots.

  • Cold Night Whipping

    "It's such a cold night, isn't it, slave? You are already shaking!", the Hunteress says with a smile as she steps closer to the slave. She is dressed complete in black leather, no good sign for slaves.

  • Boot Prisoner - Part 2

    The Hunteress continues to train the prisoner. It is so hard for him because he has to stand on a small ladder inside the hole to reach her boots. At the same time he has to lick them with big passion. The mean lady wants to feel his tongue through the latex.

  • Boot Prisoner - Part 1

    Alone in a hole for several days. Heavy iron bars above his head. Darkness everywhere... Today there is a light and the sound of high heels comes closer.

  • Worship The Hunteress

    Worshipping the Hunteress is a privilege! And it is a hard and dangerous job because this cruel woman expects so much from a slave. The Hunteress sits on a bar stool, high above the slave.

  • Draining The Prisoner

    "I am going to have some fun with you!", the Hunteress says as she opens the door and enters the cage where the prisoner is jailed now for several days.

  • Boudoir Whipping

    This clip is a look behind the scenes into The Hunteress' private rooms. She is preparing herself, already wearing that kind of vintage lingerie combined with seamed stockings and expensive high heels.

  • Don't Stalk The Hunteress - Part 3

    As announced at the end of part 2, The Hunteress now puts on a strap-on to make her prisoner admit that he stalked her.

  • Don't Stalk The Hunteress - Part 2

    This is the next part of the stalker story. Remember, the Hunteress has caught a boy stalking her during a sight seeing tour through Berlin and now he is her prisoner in a hidden dungeon.

  • Gallery: Interrogated By The Hunteress

    Story Picture

    During her sight seeing tour The Hunteress has noticed a male who followed her. She catched him up and brought him to a dungeon where she can interrogate him now.

  • Ice Cold Whipping

    The shooting was already done, when The Hunteress and her slave discovered that large hall at the location and both were fascinated. It was late, it was dark and it was very cold (November).

  • Shocking Cruel Ruined Orgasm

    The Hunteress looks so hot in that black vintage lingerie and after putting on long leather gloves she checks herself in the mirror. Perfect and amazing.

  • Gallery: The Hunteress

    Story Picture

    The last update in 2013 features The Hunteress who has caught a stalker in the town and now she is going to interrogate him in the cellars of a hidden femdom castle.

  • Don't Stalk The Hunteress

    Story Picture

    During a sightseeing tour through Berlin, The Hunteress noticed a young man who followed and watched her all the ways. Is he a stalker?

  • Two Canes Broken

    Story Picture

    "To what number can you count in english?", the Hunteress asks the german slave whose hands are locked in a steel rack. He answers that he can count to 100 but in fact his answer is not important.