Female Domination

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Don't Stalk The Hunteress - Part 2

This is the next part of the stalker story. Remember, the Hunteress has caught a boy stalking her during a sight seeing tour through Berlin and now he is her prisoner in a hidden dungeon.

The boy is now in an interrogation room and you can see his dick already rock hard as he sees the Hunteress in her skin tight and short rubber pants and these amazing pair of shiny boots. But the Hunteress is not interested in that. She wants him to confess he stalked her but he still denies.

That's why the Hunteress put extrem heavy clamps on his nipples and his balls and again and again she kicks him hard into his balls. It seems that she starts to have fun with that kind of interrogation. The more he makes excuses the harder she kicks him.

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