Female Domination

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Heavy Slaps Without Gloves

"I want you to take off my gloves now!", the Hunteress says to the slave who kneels in front of her. The Hunteress is sitting in a chair and her style is breath taking. She wears vintage lingerie, combined with seamed stockings and amazing high heels.

"I am going to slap your face now!", she continues and she smiles as she watches the strong slave shivering in pain because face slaps without gloves is what he fears the most. Especially when they com from The Hunteress who is really merciless. She stands up and she really looks so stunning. Amazing. She grabs his face and smiles a last time before the first heavy slaps makes his head shaking.

And now one heavy slap is followed by the next one. The slave tries to compensate the impact somehow but it's really hard. You can hear him moaning very loud but he also has to thank the cruel women for what she does to him. His cheeks turn into a nice red color and sweat comes up on his face but that's no reason for The Hunteress to stop... Far from it!

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