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The Perfidious Bride

Love is blind! This old man really thought that the young and beautiful Chanel has married him because she loves him although he has been warned by his friend. This woman is perfidious! The wedding night open his eyes but it's to late now!

He leeds his young wife into the room but there is no kiss for him. "Now, I will tell you why I married you?", Chanel says with an arrogant voice and her finger points down to the floor. "But first, you will go down on your knees!", she commands the old man down. "From now on, you will be my personal slave. That means you will do everything I say! And we immediately start: You will lick my shoes now!"

What else can he do? He is so deep under her spell that he bows down and starts cleaning the expensive sandals of his young wife. Chanel smiles at herself as she watches the old man down at her feet. That is his place and a beautiful life is waiting for her...

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