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  • Human Dustbin

    time for some cruel humiliation today with 2 wonderful goddesses. lady faye and mistress cloe relaxing on a leather couch both looking gorgeous with white blouses and phantastic leather boots. the lighten on a cigarette. their pathetic slave is lying flat on the ground with his head perfectly placed.

  • Gallery: The Cruel Lesbians

    For dominant lesbian ladies, a male is nothing but a nice toy they can do with whatever they want. Large picture set of Cloe and Fay having fun with such a male victim.

  • Hard Caning In The Bunker

    in cruel households of lot of our mistresses there is always a cellar or a bunker where their slaves are kept secret and safe. most of the times they are encaged there where its cold and usually dark and where they dont know when their goddesses reappear and what comes next.

  • The Cruel Wardens

    These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of their style.

  • We Break You

    It's deep at night, round about 2 am, as the door of the cellar is opened and 2 of the cruel guards enter the small, dark room, where the prisoner tries to get some sleep after a day full of whipping and hard work. Unfortunately the guards are Faye and Cloe, known for being mean and sadistic.

  • Gallery: New Slave For The Girls

    Watch the youn Mistresses Lady Chanel and Lady Faye in the office testing a new slave. He has to learn how to great a lady.

  • Sadistic Guards

    Its time for a hard double domination feature today starring cruel bitches lady faye and mistress cloe. the sadistic guards are just in the mood today to punish some of their pathetic slaves. so they lead in their victim into the torture room and order him down on all fours, head down.

  • 2 Vicious Bitches

    todays clip belongs to dominant bitches mistress cloe and lady faye. we made this outdoors and our mistresses in a uniform style. mistress cloe wears a white blouse, black skirts and black boots, lady faye a white blouse, a black skirt and black ankle boots.

  • Ruthless Ashtray Training

    we have gorgoeus mistresses lady faye and mistress cloe in this clip looking superstunning with tight leggings and black blouses.

  • Lick, Or We Kick

    "Come on, lazy boy, you better do a good job!", Cloe says and pulls on the chain that is wrapped around the slaves neck. Her cruel sister Faye presents her spiked heels the the slave's tongue and immediately he starts to lick them.

  • Ashtray Prisoner - Lady Faye

    Down in the basement an man is chained to the wall. He wears prisoner's clothes because he is a prisoner in Lady Faye's institut for training males to become perfect slaves. This boy was brought by his Mistress to be trained as an human ashtray.

  • Cruel Stepdaughters

    Since he got married again, this old man's life is a permanent nightmare because he now lives under the boots of his new wife's devilish daughters. They use every opportunity to make him suffer, to dominate and humiliate him.

  • The Mad Secretaries - Part 3

    Do you remember the mad secretaries who keep the new gardener imprisoned in the basement of the company. This clip is the last part of the story and the secretaries start to show their full cruelty now.

  • The Mad Secretaries - Part 2

    Do you remember the mad secretaries who keep the new gardener imprisoned in the basement of the company. It's after work now and they return, dressed in skin tight, dominant outfit and on high heels.

  • The Stupids

    "They will arrive in a few minutes!", the old man says to his sun. He met two young ladies a few days ago and invited them for a party. His plan is that one of the girls could become his son's girlfriend. But he has no idea who these girls are.

  • The Sound Of The Cane 2

    This clip starts with a strong slave bound to the punishment bench. All you can hear is the scary sound of the cane that is swinging through the air. A few moments later the sound of high heels comes up and Faye enters the scene.

  • The Mad Secretaries - Part 1

    Those 2 secretaries are totally mad. They want their own slave and so they had a crazy idea: Today there is a meeting with a new gardener who was hired to take care of the garden. They put knock out drops into the drink they offered him during the meeting and now he finds himself downstairs in the basement storey with a bag over his head.

  • Gallery: During A Break

    If you want to know what can happen during a shooting break, this is the right gallery for you. You can see Mistress Cloe relaxing her feet on her private slave while Faye is making him cleaning her high heels.

  • Strong Man Trashed

    This clip is hard to describe. Let's say it so: After the shooting was done, Faye and Cloe were still in a cruel mood and her sadistic desires were not satisfied. That's why they decided to take the strong slave again and do all the bad things to him they wanted.

  • Whip Self Service

    Lady Chanel and Lady Faye take a walk this afternoon and they are escorted by Faye's slave. The ladies are dressed in skin tight leather leggings and high heels, the slave is naked (excepting pants) and he is collared by Faye. They ladies pass a whip self service station that are normal in the femdom world.