Boots & High Heels

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The Stupids

"They will arrive in a few minutes!", the old man says to his sun. He met two young ladies a few days ago and invited them for a party. His plan is that one of the girls could become his son's girlfriend. But he has no idea who these girls are.

As it knocks on the door and he opens, Chanel and Faye enters the room. They look around and they are pissed of. "Is this what you call a party?", Chanel asks the old man. His son tries to save the day and promise to do everything that they would feel comfortable.

"If so, you can immediately start. Down and clean my boots!", Faye commands the son and also Chanel makes the old man kneeling down and licking her boots. So both stupids are on their knees know, cleaning the black leather boots and high heels with their tongues. Looks like the evening will turn into a nice party for Chanel and Faye.

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