Female Domination

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Painful Milking

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From time to time Lady Pascal milks her slaves to keep them attending and servile. It's most important that the slave must not enjoy his ejaculation to Lady Pascal milks them very painful.

Today she put clamps on the slave's nipples and with some strips attached to the clamps she can make them very painful everytime she pulls on them. She also laces a strip around his balls to make him unable to shoot out his cum. While she prepares that milking she spits into his mouth again and again. That makes him really horny but he is in his cruel lady's hand.

Lady Pascal then uses her milking machine on his cock. No man can resist this devilish vibrating machine. He MUST cum. The mean lady spits into his mouth while she massages his cock with the machine. The moaning from the slaves gets louder and faster, he is going to cum and so Lady Pascal tightens the grip of her leather gloved hand on his cock.

She perfectly ruins his orgasm and there is no shoot out. The juice only flows out of his cock and drops into the slave's mouth. With a cruel smile Lady Pascal leaves the milked but frustrated clips on his own...

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