Female Domination

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Double Domination

A slave's dream comes true in this clip: To be dominated by two busty Mistresses in skin tight leggings and black leather corsets. Used as a human ashtray by one of the ladies while the other one spits into his mouth.

Mistress Jenna and Lady Blackstone do relax this evening. Bot ladies are dressed in skin tight leggins, high heels and black leather corsets, that show off her big boobs. So stunning! The have a glas of champagner and Lady Blackstone lights up a cigarette. The talk about the slave on the floor who is ready to serve them and do everything that they can relax. Jenna says that she wants to see his mouth always open and Lady Blackstones makes clear that he is not allowed to look them into the faces.

After a while, Mistress Jenna bents over and starts spitting into his mouth. As a good slave, the boy thanks her. That makes Lady Blackstone laughing out loud. She says that she likes the way he says Thank you. Then she drops the hot ash of her cigarette into his mouth. Both ladies have a lot of fun humiliating him this way. That's what they call a relaxed evening.

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