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  • The Interrogation - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita beim Verhör

    Have you always been good and honest? Have you always been loyal and full of honor? Would you betray and sell friends? Stop lying you dirty little bastard!

  • Gallery: Mademoiselle De S.

    Mademoiselle de S. preparing an interrogation of a slave in this picture set. The cruel lady is dressed in black leather and you can see the pleasant anticipation in her face already

  • Gallery: The Defiled Boots

    The photo set to the very successful clips of the defiled boots. See Lady Mephista interrogating one of her slaves because she found her boots messy. Will he confess? Of course, he will.

  • Answer My Question!

    A slave was able to escape from the femdom Residenz Avalon but the female administration is sure that he was supported by another slave. This boy was brought into the interrogation room, deep down in the basement. He is bound to an interrogation chair and he faces a woman fully dressed in black leather, her eyes behin black sun glasses.

  • Just Four Digits

    This man has a little secret: He is the only one who knows the code to open a small box with important informations. He was brought to this place and now he finds himself bound to a metal rack, masked and half naked. A blond lady comes closer, dressed in skin tight jodhpurs, a provocative blazer and amazing boots with ultra thin high heels. It is Mistress Akella, known and feared for cruel interrogations.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 1

    This clip features our new Mistress, Lady Mephista, who is a young, tall and sadistic Mistress. You will be surprised what a power turns out of such a gracile woman. That slave will know better when she has finished with him.

  • The Password - Part 2

    As the two business ladies return to their victim they are more than angry. The given password was wrong. "You want to play a game?", Cloe hisses at him. Both ladies already have canes in their hands. "Ok, then let's play!", she continues and they release him from the rack, lead him to a black couch and order him to bend over.

  • The Password - Part 1

    Do you know these business ladies who would stick at nothing for their own success? They wear short skirts, tight blazers and high heels and they are used to get what they want. Always!

  • Who Touched My Shoes

    Very angry Mistress Ezada enters the room where two slaves are bound to a rack. She has a pair of her highest stiletto heels in her hand that she found in the slave's bathroom. One slave has stolen them and abused the heels for masturbating. Of course, both slaves deny doing that but Ezada has a suspicion. She thinks it was the first one because the other one has a chastity device.

  • Gallery: Spy Whipping

    Lady Chanel wants to get informations from a catched spy and you can be sure she knows how to make him talk. Dressed in sking tight leggings and high heels, she will beat him with a whip and her belt.

  • The Interrogation - Caning

    As officer Sarah and Cleo return to the hall, they are more than angry. The prisoner they interrogated before, gave them a wrong information. Bad idea. Both ladies have canes in her hands now. The rebel says that he is sorry for that but Cloe answers: "Oh no, I know you don't feel sorry for that but you WILL!"

  • The Interrogation - Faceslapping

    A member of a small resistance group was catched by two female officers and brought to a secret place. In this world of female domination there is only a small group of males left who try to fight against the cruel female regime.

  • The Escapees' Interrogation - Part 2

    The time for consideration Madame Charlotte has given to the escapees is over now and the Mistress returns to the cellar.

  • The Escapees' Interrogation - Part 1

    Two prisoners have tried to break out but they were caught in the last moment by a guard. Now it's time to find out who had the idea and who made the plan.

  • Don't Stalk The Hunteress - Part 2

    This is the next part of the stalker story. Remember, the Hunteress has caught a boy stalking her during a sight seeing tour through Berlin and now he is her prisoner in a hidden dungeon.

  • Gallery: Interrogated By The Hunteress

    Story Picture

    During her sight seeing tour The Hunteress has noticed a male who followed her. She catched him up and brought him to a dungeon where she can interrogate him now.

  • The Caught Jailbreakers

    These 2 stupid boys tried to breakout from Madame Charlotte's jail but they were caught by the sadistic Mistress. They are bounced back into their prison.