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  • Sadistic Dry Milking

    Even she is still a young Mistress, Blackdiamoond is already experienced in making men suffer. And suffer doesn't mean whipping anytime. The mean lady has a lot of fun in ruining a slave's orgasm.

  • Draining The Prisoner

    "I am going to have some fun with you!", the Hunteress says as she opens the door and enters the cage where the prisoner is jailed now for several days.

  • Nastily Ruined

    As Empress Victoria, who is dressed in skin tight, black leggins and shiny boots, tells her slave that he is allowed to wank now under her boots, his dick grows up in a few seconds.

  • Cruel Prostate Milking

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    Nobody, who meets Mistress Blackdiamoond, expects such a perverted sadist behind her young and beautiful face. There is a devil inside that young goddess.

  • Painful Milking

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    From time to time Lady Pascal milks her slaves to keep them attending and servile. It's most important that the slave must not enjoy his ejaculation to Lady Pascal milks them very painful.

  • Milking Clinic - Part 5

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    Doctor Leni returns to the clinic room, now wearing her white dress and high heeled pumps again. The patient is ordered to take place on the gynecology chair and Doctor Leni fixes his legs and arm to the chair using bandages.

  • Milking Clinic - Part 3-4

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    Doctor Leni really abuses her power over the patient. She commands him to lay over the cage and keeps on beating him with the devlish rubber crop. The patient has no chance to escape and nobody would believe him.

  • Milking Clinic - Part 1-2

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    Miss Leni is the head doctor of a special clinic for horny men. Today she is in her clinic room and awaits a new patient. As he knocks on the door and enters the room Doctor Leni invites him to take place on the medical chair.

  • Milking Day

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    Completely in english! Lady Pascal plans to milk one of her pain slaves today. He is bound to a rack and the cruel Mistress inserts an electrode into his urethra and wraps the other electrode around his balls.