Female Domination

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Milking Clinic - Part 1-2

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Miss Leni is the head doctor of a special clinic for horny men. Today she is in her clinic room and awaits a new patient. As he knocks on the door and enters the room Doctor Leni invites him to take place on the medical chair.

Miss Leni tells the slave that he will have his last orgasm today but first she will give him a hard whipping. The patient is really shocked and immediatly escapes. He doesn't know that the door in the waiting room is already locked. So Miss Leni overwhelms him before he manages to open the door and the patient falls into sleep.

As he wakes up he finds himself in a small cage. Doctor Leni sits on a leather chair next to the cage, dressed in a skin tight leather skirt and expensive italian designer boots, holding a horrible looking crop in her leather gloved hands...

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