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  • Gallery: New Slave For The Girls

    Watch the youn Mistresses Lady Chanel and Lady Faye in the office testing a new slave. He has to learn how to great a lady.

  • Gallery: Business Dominance

    Do you dream of an arrogant, mean and merciless female boss, dressed in a skin tight business suit and high heeled boots? Than this gallery featuring Mistress Jenna will let your dreams come true.

  • Office Break

    This clip continues to tell the story of the brave book holder who was enslaved by the two arrogant secretaries. See the "You Are Our Slave Now" clip if you missed. The submissive male has to wait now in the hall behind the office building, just for the case that the young ladies come and want to be served by him.

  • You Are Our Slave Now

    Day by day the brave book keeper Fred meets these two breathtaking women at work. They always wear short skirts and tight blazers and he has never seen them without high heels. High heels, he desires so much and the arrogance of these women makes him shiver in devotion everytime.

  • Mean Female Boss

    The young Miss Jenna sits in her office on a big leather chair. She wears a very hot business suit: A very short and tight skirt, a tight blazer and expensive overknee boots. She is waiting for one of the managers who has to present the business report for this year. The old man arrives in time and he is so happy and so proud that he can report an increase in sales. 10 % more.