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  • Gallery: Nemesis the Officer

    enjoy this bonus picture set of stunning black haired mistress nemesis! she looks absolutely adorable in her wetlook bodysuit, her tight underbust corset, the police officer hat and those black spiked kneehigh boots. With the red whip in her hand, you should better do what she wants! Please note: this week we are going to add 3 updates at least. Stay tuned!

  • Nasty Guard

    A prisoner in the femdom world has no easy live. Chained to the wall he has to spend hours and days in the same position in a dark and cold cellar. But there is one thing that adds insult to injury: Lady Faye and her acts of caprice!

  • Pain Trilogy I

    Somewhere in Berlin, somewhere in the cellar of an old house. A slave is chained to the wall for several hours now until Madame Charlotte enters the room. She is dressed in heave leather trousers, high heeles boots and long leather gloves.

  • Never Ever Be Lazy - Part 3

    This is the last and the hardest part of the story: The punishment! And in this case punishment means punishment.

  • Just For Fun

    What happens when two sadistic female guards are bored? The answer is easy: They have fun making one of the prisoners suffer.

  • Never Ever Be Lazy - Part 2

    Akella continues to make to slave harder and harder now. Like a slave driver she walks behind him in her leather boots, the hard clicks from her sharp heels are always in his ears.