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  • Lick Our Boots Now

    2 Dominas in Boots mit ihrem Sklaven

    here we have another wonderful new clip with german goddesses mistress cloe and lady sarah. they are dressed in cool army tight catsuit looking absolutely phantastic. both wearing high heel boots.

  • Caned By 2 Bitches

    this new clip with dominant ladies mistress cloe and lady sarah has not a big script. its a simple clip with pure pain and pleasure. pure pain for the poor slave and pure pleasure for the sadistic ladies. the slave is already well prepared on a torture rack, arms exposed, ass and legs fixed tight so movements are nearly impossible.

  • Ashtray For Officers

    today we have a short but wonderful clip starring gorgeous mistresses lady sarah and mistress cloe. both wearing wonderful tight uniforms as they come into the hall having a masked slave on a leash.

  • Just Good For Our Ash And Spit

    next phantastic double domination clip today! starring strict drill officers mistress cloe and miss sarah clip begins with: "to what are you good for slave?" "i dont know mistress!" "well i just need a cigarette, you already had one sarah?"

  • Clean My Feet

    "Slave, come here and look at my dirty feet! It's your fault!", young Sarah calls for her slave in a very bad mood. As always, the arrogant and spoiled girl makes her private slave responsible for everything. This time, she thinks he has not brought her the high heels although she hasn't decided which pair she wants to wear.

  • Gallery: The Military Ladies

    A big picture set with Mistress Cloe and Miss Sarah in skin tight military outfits and of course stiletto heels.

  • Hang Em - Cane Em!

    "now i punish you just for fun" is how this clip starts with beautiful and natural cruel bitch miss sarah. she has already prepared her slave in an unusual and painful position with his hanging in the air, his head to the ground.

  • Lick Our Elegant Pumps Slave

    "look, what i have here" mistress cloe says "a human toy". "thats pretty interesting" miss sarah says. "i just thought, he could clean your shoes".

  • Lick My Expensive Heels Slave

    we presented already a lot of clips of miss sarah often teamed up with lady faye. this time we have a single clip with this adorable german bitch.

  • Office Break

    This clip continues to tell the story of the brave book holder who was enslaved by the two arrogant secretaries. See the "You Are Our Slave Now" clip if you missed. The submissive male has to wait now in the hall behind the office building, just for the case that the young ladies come and want to be served by him.

  • You Are Our Slave Now

    Day by day the brave book keeper Fred meets these two breathtaking women at work. They always wear short skirts and tight blazers and he has never seen them without high heels. High heels, he desires so much and the arrogance of these women makes him shiver in devotion everytime.

  • Sarah's Whip Training

    As you may already know, Sarah is the daughter of a rich planter who owns a lot of workers. From Sarah's point of view, these workers are all slaves who have to serve her. She is not only a very spoiled young lady, she is also a very dominant and sadistic girl.

  • Your Daily Job

    It's an hot summer day, the young and cruel Miss Sarah just returned from visiting her dad's plantations for her own amusement. She wears her bitchy red stiletto heels and leather hot pants just to show the poor working slaves what they will never get.

  • The Mean Girls

    These girls are really mean and cruel. Of course they know exactly about the reaction of that male slave, when the walk in skin tight jodhpurs and high heeled boots through the stables. There is no chance for him to hide his reaction, provoked by the young ladies.

  • Belted By Young Sarah

    Looks like Sarah really is pissed off by that slave who was told to keep the hall clean. But from her point of view he is just a lazy guy, who needs punishment. The more punishment the better. She kicks him forward and orders him to stay down while she opens the belt that is on her hot hips.

  • Back Home

    Miss Sarah returns from a photo shooting, still dressed like a model in an ultra tight mini dress and black high heels. She puts her begs in the corner and calls for her slave. It feels so good to leave the vanilla world behind her and being back in her femdom empire.

  • The Password - Part 2

    As the two business ladies return to their victim they are more than angry. The given password was wrong. "You want to play a game?", Cloe hisses at him. Both ladies already have canes in their hands. "Ok, then let's play!", she continues and they release him from the rack, lead him to a black couch and order him to bend over.

  • The Password - Part 1

    Do you know these business ladies who would stick at nothing for their own success? They wear short skirts, tight blazers and high heels and they are used to get what they want. Always!

  • Gallery: Lunch Break

    Two dominant and arrogant business ladies make one of their colleagues their private slave. They know he his addicted to their elegant business style, especially their high heels. They use the lunch break to turn him into an obedience shoe cleaner.

  • The Cheater's Headlong Whipping

    "Did you cheat on my best friend Nancy?", Miss Sarah ask a man who is already hanging headlong on a chain. Sarah is dressed in skin tight black leggins, sky high heels and a hot top. There is a whip in her hand. The male negates but Sarah starts whipping him.