Female Domination

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The Password - Part 1

Do you know these business ladies who would stick at nothing for their own success? They wear short skirts, tight blazers and high heels and they are used to get what they want. Always!

You can see Cloe and Sarah in this clip as stone-cold business woman who wants to get a special technology from a scientist who works for another company. They already tried the soft way. They met him in a restaurant and started flirting with him but without success. That's why they brought him to this hall where they will make him suffer until they have the password to his notebook.

Bound to a wooden bar he will suffer a lot. The cruel ladies use heavy clamps on his nipples and his belly and his screams are for real. But who cares? Again and again they put the clamps on his nipples and take them off. And again and again they ask for the password with a cold voice. Will they get what they want this time?

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