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  • Hard Whipping For Lazy Slaves

    we are very pleased to present something special starting from today: as many of you know we are in good friendship and cooperation with our friends from femdomfoto.de. we have already published some of their wonderful images and some mistresses. we start today also to present cool actionstuff from them. and we start with a brandnew hot mistress here (in fact the former owner always wanted to work with her, but couldnt do it at least...): lets welcome LADY STELLA!

  • Real Life Slave

    This clip shows real life slavery because the slave you see in this clip is the real slave of Mademoiselle de S.! Mademoiselle lays on the bed, dressed in a skin tight blue leather suit and expensive designer boots, made from black leather.

  • Never Ever Be Lazy - Part 3

    This is the last and the hardest part of the story: The punishment! And in this case punishment means punishment.

  • Never Ever Be Lazy - Part 2

    Akella continues to make to slave harder and harder now. Like a slave driver she walks behind him in her leather boots, the hard clicks from her sharp heels are always in his ears.

  • Never Ever Be Lazy - Part 1

    This slave must be crazy: Although he was told to clean up the garage, Mistress Akella caughts him relaxing and dreaming in the sun.