Whipping & Caning

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Hard Whipping For Lazy Slaves

we are very pleased to present something special starting from today: as many of you know we are in good friendship and cooperation with our friends from femdomfoto.de. we have already published some of their wonderful images and some mistresses. we start today also to present cool actionstuff from them. and we start with a brandnew hot mistress here (in fact the former owner always wanted to work with her, but couldnt do it at least...): lets welcome LADY STELLA!

so here is the synopsis of the first clip with her: there is one thing in the world where ANY mistress gets really angry: when slaves doesnt work or relax. the life of slave means always work work work and more work. and when finished with work, more work. so... our stupid idiots here do one thing really wrong when drinking some coffee and relax... as lady stella is coming home after shopping our slaves are ordered in a second on all fours and get undressed. and only a few seconds later a very painful short whip gets into action. and this time it really goes into action. both slaves really get the whip today from this cruel mistress. both can take quite a lot of punishment, but this time both are moaning out loud under the slashes and slash after slash is raining down on her bodies... well... we are quite sure, that they wont relax so soon again (and it would be even painful for them with their damaged asses to sit down...).

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