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  • Latex Slaves Bootlicking - BRANDNEW

    Mistress Cloe slaps her naughty latex slave

    Mistress Cloe is back with yet another masterpiece of finest femdom art. Dressed in an emerald green corsage she has another exciting job for a willing boot-black.

  • Socks Off Stupid Slave - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe has her high boots kissed

    The first thing you learn when your become an adult, if it’s getting hotter turn off your socks. This wisdom handed down through generations but in this cinematic masterpiece we have very unteachable guy who has to learn his lessons.

  • His First Time - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe stuffs her slave's mouth with her ashes

    There can’t be more luxury than a human ashtray, longing for your ash? We can tell you that this is not true. There is always a bigger and better so Lady Cloe decided to place two yawning mouths to her feet.

  • Silent Spitting - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe spits in her slave's mouth

    Dressed in black Lady Cloe is back. And she is bringing you a mouthful of joy and pleasure. Just in case that you’re a willing to swallow her innermost part. She knows how to tease, torture and tantalize her yawning little servant.

  • The Thorough Shoeshine Boy - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe lässt sich die Absätze ihrer Boots lecken

    Mistress Cloe is back and you will wonder what she brings on today. Dressed in an astonishing, breathtaking black dress she has a creeping little bootlicking worm by her side. We ever thought it is not possible to go down on the floor more than the last times but Cloe is always good for a surprise.

  • Rubberwhore - The Ashtray - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe bläst ihrer Gummischlampe Rauch ins Gesicht

    Oh, what a lovely sunny day. You can see how Mistress Cloe is enjoying her weekend after all these weeks of submission and domination. We can say that she deserves some rest after all these kinky pleasures she spent.

  • Thanks Mistress - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe verhaut ihrem Sub den Arsch mit einer Gerte

    Sorry but I can’t hear you. Sometimes you need to talk a little bit louder when Mistress Cloe is swinging her frightening leather riding-crop. Even if the sound of the impact is so damn loud, that poor little servants voice is overlaid.

  • Silent Bootlicking - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe lässt sich die hohen Stiefel lecken

    Have you ever seen boots like these? High as a tower, strong like concrete and black as the night? We are sure you haven’t and if you do, we hope you will go down on your knees and keep them clean.

  • Rubberwhore - The Merciless Whipping - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe gibt ihrer Gummischlampe eine Ohrfeige

    Hell yeah, it’s time for spring cleaning at Mistress Cloes’ penthouse. It could be worse, because Mistress Cleo has found her most thorough living broom you can imagine. Maybe to tall for a small cubbyhole but who cares.

  • Dog Training - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe tritt auf ihrem Sklaven herum

    Oh, what a little dirty dog she has. Ill-bred and a head full of nonsense. This cries for a bunch of upbringing lessons to restore good manners.

  • Eat My Ashes - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe ascht ihrem Sklaven in den Mund

    What a wonderful and sunny day while Mistress Cloe is introducing her new “state of the art” interior. Her new human ashtray is looking for the right place in her lodge.

  • Spiked Spanking - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe zieht ihre Stachel Handschuhe an

    We have seen so much over the years but we are always surprised when Lady Cloe comes back with some exciting new ideas, toys and torture devices. And here she is with a pair of gloves that will treat your best parts like a bath in a Hornets’ nest.

  • You Exist To Serve - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe kneift ihrem Sklaven in den Nippel

    Have you ever felt tired and exhausted of hard work and a stressing week? Even a Mistress needs a break. But is there even a chance for a break when you are a fulltime Mistress with so much torture still to do?

  • Rubberwhore - The Lickjob - BRANDNEW!

    Latexschlampe muss den Tisch ablecken

    A sunny day and a cold glass of the finest champagne. We are sure that there can’t be nothing to disrupt this magical and relaxing moment. Unless you have a clumsy little bastard by your side who is unskilled in filling a glass with grace.

  • Triple Fun - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe verhaut 3 Sklaven Ärsche

    Oh, what a fun and what a pity. Three guys right down to Mistress Cloes’ feet but just two free hands for a welcoming slap? We are sure that this will be definitely no problem for a Lady of this caliber.

  • Cruel Faceslapping - BRANDNEW!

    Sklave auf allen Vieren und Herrin Cloes Stiefel

    There she stands, strong like concrete, willing like a one-woman army and equipped with the view to a bitchslap. Mistress Cloe will show you how to go down on your knees and beg for the next impact.

  • Latex Slaves Foot Licking - BRANDNEW!

    Sklave leckt Herrin Cloe die Füße

    We are definitely right, when we say that Mistress Cloes’ little fella is a practitioner in foot licking arts. Maybe she got better served during her sessions, but this guy is giving all his best to be such a good boy.

  • Lick Our Boots Now

    2 Dominas in Boots mit ihrem Sklaven

    here we have another wonderful new clip with german goddesses mistress cloe and lady sarah. they are dressed in cool army tight catsuit looking absolutely phantastic. both wearing high heel boots.

  • Silent Punishment - BRANDNEW!

    nackter Sklavenarsch und Herrin Cloe

    Ever tried to talk with a gag ball fixated in your mouth? Not before? Then you have to try. If you are not sure about this you can watch and learn. Screaming can be so silent. Oh, what a benefit for our ears.

  • Cock And Ball Caning - BRANDNEW!

    Sklave hält Gerte im Mund

    Mistress Cloe is back on slap with her favorite tools of humiliation. It’s hard to stand and keep the correct angle at the same time, when your Mistress is lowering your private parts.