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  • Soldiers Interrogation

    we have a phantastic role play clip today starring gorgeous german pro dom domina charlize from hamburg. dressed in a sexy shiny black robe and with an officers hat she awaits some recruits of the bootcamp today in the officers mansion.

  • The Faceslapping Test

    the houseslaves of domina charlize have a problem. they discussed who is more loyal to their goddess and who is more able to take a hard faceslapping. so they knock on the door, crawl in and ask domina charlize if she would be so kind to help them with their trouble.

  • A Sadistic Faceslapping

    time for another phantastic clip starring pro dom domina charlize from germany/hamburg! she is just in the mood today fo some punishment. and as she loves to punish with her hands she decides to dish out a good sharp faceslapping.

  • Testing Floggers And Whips

    domina charlize is very pleased today. she has new floggers in her collection and new whips. so her 2 houseslaves are already ordered to present their bodies in the hall of the mansion.

  • A Stonehard Whipping

    well, this clip was the final clip we did that day. to be honest we were already through with our plan for filming, but supersadist domina charlize was not through! she still was not satisfied and wants to inflict more pain and more punishment.

  • Caged And Cropped

    next clip with phantastic mistress domina charlize! she comes home after beeing in the stables. she is a lil bit frustrated about the riding session, but beeing a sadist and having always some objects of let go frustrations she knows that one of her slave is still encaged in the cellar.

  • 2 Slaves Whipped

    domina charlize has some new whips. time to check them on their slaves. quite simple story, lots of pain for the slaves ahead.

  • Lick Slaves, Lick!

    next clip with phantastic german pro dom domina charlize! she awaits her slaves in the smoking room, dressed in a hot catsuit and wearing personal superplateau boots with a big silver plateau soles.

  • 2 Slaves Caned Without Mercy

    here we have another phantastic clip starring superhot pro dom domina charlize from germany/hamburg. looking superstunning in a black robe and with superplateau high heels!

  • Human Ashtray And Spitting

    here comes the next clip with superhot adorable mistress domina charlize. both of her slaves already awaiting her on all fours as she comes back from some riding.

  • Gallery: Domina Charlize

    enjoy this bonus picture set of our stunning new lady domina charlize! she looks absolutely amazing in her wetlook bodysuit, her chain harness and those black buckeled tower boots. her long stiletto nails are perfectly matching the leather whip she is playing with... perhaps with YOU next?!

  • 6 Canings In 24 Hours

    we are very very glad to present a new stunning mistress here! lets welcome german pro dom from hamburg domina charlize! as we got in contact with her she told us that she was sadistic as long as she knows, now beeing active as a professional mistress for a few years.