Human Ashtrays

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Human Ashtray And Spitting

here comes the next clip with superhot adorable mistress domina charlize. both of her slaves already awaiting her on all fours as she comes back from some riding.

she takes her gloves off, slapping the faces of her slaves. her loong overknee boots are dirty from beeing outside - not acceptable. one slave is ordered to change that and to clean the dirt away. of course with his tongue. the other slave is ordered to offer her a cigarette and to lighten it. the licking slave has to put up the foot of the mistress, while the other gets full loads of smoke into his face and is beeing misused as an ashtray. very humiliating cuz this slave is a non smoker. during the clip the slaves have to change positions and they also recieve spit of their goddess. one slave gets the spit fast into his face, the other one gets drops of this in his open mouth. and of course one mouth is used to turn the cigarette off at least in the end of this clip! you expect the best in femdom? well, as usual you are quite right here!

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