Whipping & Caning

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Soldiers Interrogation

we have a phantastic role play clip today starring gorgeous german pro dom domina charlize from hamburg. dressed in a sexy shiny black robe and with an officers hat she awaits some recruits of the bootcamp today in the officers mansion.

the bell rings and the recruits appear. "stand still soldiers! get into position!" "i have heard something. during an inspections a smartphone was found in a cell! but what do we have here?" she says turning towards one soldier. "what is going on with your uniform? didnt you have time to do it well! correct that! NOW! i want all soldiers to appear perfectly here! i want to hear now - which of you idiots smuggled the handy into the bootcamp? well, no one? okay, i will figure that out now. i will punish you now hard and without any mercy so long until i will get the answer which one of you is the smuggler. trousers and pants down! hands on your knees! bend over!" next the cane gets into action. hard strokes from the beginning. no holding back, no tippytappy soft strokes, hard vicious painful strokes from the beginning, welts from the beginning. fast strokes. all on the desired sport. if one had doubts so far about the cruelty of this mistress, here they will be history. after some serious of sharp strokes one of the soldiers give in. perfect. so her recieves 30 more cruel strokes. the recruits have to stand straight at least and they are sent away with an announcment: "when this happens again, i will double the punishment, understood?" we are very very sure, this wont happen again!

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