Whipping & Caning

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2 Slaves Caned Without Mercy

here we have another phantastic clip starring superhot pro dom domina charlize from germany/hamburg. looking superstunning in a black robe and with superplateau high heels!

"i have a surprise for you slaves today. you both get the cane now. just to amuse me and to have some funs." she starts to cane one of her slaves with a special thick red rubber cane. but soon she decides to have it more comfortable. one slave is ordered to be used as a sit for the mistress while the other gets the cane! time to change position. the other slave now gets a classic swishy rattan cane on his back while the cruel lady stretches out her legs resting them onto his rear. cold hearted she really brings the cane down on his ass applying lots of strokes. the chair slave also gets some more now with the rubber cane and he moves under the strokes but soon gets some sharp orders not dare to move! time for changing the position. now the slave gets their heads between the legs of their cruel sadist and the strokes coming now from above. more sadist games while one slave gets the cane on his prick, the other gets more on his ass. the lady wont stop until both slaves are totally broken and damaged.

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