Female Domination

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The Faceslapping Test

the houseslaves of domina charlize have a problem. they discussed who is more loyal to their goddess and who is more able to take a hard faceslapping. so they knock on the door, crawl in and ask domina charlize if she would be so kind to help them with their trouble.

she loves this idea and as domina charlize loves to inflict any kind of punishment and as she loves to slap faces of pathetic slaves she aggrees. so she starts with the first slave with some good smacks from her hand. and do you see the claws of this goddess? do you see those looooong sharp red nails? wow! so with these claws she has to use a special technique, cuz swing throughs will break her nails. so she does more a smacking, but this technique is not only special, as she has a powerful right and left arm this technique is very very painful. to have a better swing with her arms she stands up. and the testing goes on. both slaves give their best to endure the slaps, but in the end one slave fails. he cannot take any more. so we have a decision and the slaves are allowed to move away. if you are into faceslapping punishment this clip is a must see for sure!

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