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  • The Lousy Butler

    the house butler is cleaning. cleaning in the smoking room. mistress nemesis and lady sofia appear, dressed in superhot corsets, leather skirts and leather gloves. the butler has to kneel down and for bad cleaning he gets for sure a punishment.

  • Gallery: Butler And Slave

    A picture set of Lady Pascal, who is wearing two stunning leather outfits, with her private butler and slave, used as human ashtray and boot cleaner!

  • Hard Caning For The Butler

    here we have a new clip starring goddesses countess stella and mistress nemesis today. mistress nemesis is the owner of a slave school and she awaits her friend countess stella today for a reclamation.

  • Bad Morning

    Countess Stella wakes up in the morning and her first action is calling her private slave who immediately appears to serve her. He offers her a cup of tea. What a stupid idea because the Countess wants to have a coffee in the morning.

  • Gallery: The Butler

    Every arrogant lady should have her private butler who is there to serve her around the clock. See how Victoria makes her personal slave polishing her overknee boots with his tongue.