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  • You Stupid Thing - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita Pain stuffs her sub's slave mouth

    Her slave has to put up with criticism from time to time. He really isn't the brightest candle on the cake. A lady like Madita really can't put up with that. But she wouldn't be Mistress Madita if she didn't use this situation to her advantage.

  • Ass To Mouth - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita Pain fucks her sub with the pink strapon

    Some things and practices have been lost over the centuries, but some have withstood all odds in the darkest cellars. Impaling has always been one of her specialties. So let us introduce you our Goddess of the darkest ages, Mistress Madita.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

    Closeup of Paulina Rouge's bare feet

    Our lady struts around the slave barefoot. Runs around him like a predator looking for the next piece of meat. We have already noticed that she has already found it on him, but that he is not showing any signs of life. So she chokes, pinches and scratches the worthless guy with all her might.

  • Selinas Play Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Selina Morgan pulls her latex slaves face close to her

    Yes, she is very playful, our Lady Selina Morgan. In fact, she uses every little opportunity to let her play instinct run free. We think that makes them good and it also benefits us all. We're not talking about poker, backgammon or battleships here, of course.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rougle puts her feet on her slave's face

    A slave without an erection after our Paulina Rouge took care of him? Impossible do you think? Then see for yourself. If it doesn't work with your toes, heels or the whole foot, just shove a few fingers down your throat. It will have some effect.

  • Vampire Gloves - BRANDNEW!

    Miss May tortures her defenseless sub with her Vampire Gloves

    Actually, vampires hate crosses and avoid them like the... vampire avoids the cross! Well, I think we all understand that now. Thank God our Miss May isn't a vampire either. Otherwise we would have to shoot at night and we're just too tired for that!

  • Strapon Deepthroat - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita Pain with a strapon ready to stuff her sub's mouth

    We would say that it is a completely normal penis length. But when we look at this ungrateful little bastard, we get our doubts! Mistress Madita is back for some nice gags and is presenting her to the bursting cocked shaft!

  • Wobbly Worm Spoils The Day - BRANDNEW!

    Miss Yuna stands next to her naked slave in a seductive lingerie set

    Boy, boy, boy. We have put a lot to our slaves over the years. The wear and tear on fresh, masculine material is really exorbitant. But we always try to present you new and, above all, unspent faces.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rouge plays with the slave's cock with her bare feet

    After a short orientation, the little imp can then blow his mistress's heels nicely and, above all, thoroughly. Like a hard cock, this little perverted bastard sucks her shoes like a pro. As if he would otherwise only appear in the darkest corners of a train station toilet.

  • Funny CBT - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita Pain laughs at her gagged sub

    We still have the hope that this dirty little bastard doesn't need his dick anymore, but we're not really sure! Tied up, neatly wrapped like a Christmas present and silenced with a gag, Mistress Madita's slave waits for the final ordeal! She dressed up especially for it.

  • Trampling In Eveningdress - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Mänada stands barefoot on the face of her defenseless slave

    Some walk over sticks and stones, others over slaves. Our fantastic Lady Mänada shows us what is important when you do so. The right wardrobe is crucial for a successful trip to the inhospitable hills of “Slaveistan"!

  • To The Last Drop Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Mänada stuffs her panties into her slave's mouth

    We used to have a travel toilet with us when we went on a camping trip to the islands. It was such a handy plastic container that was filled with chemicals. At some point you got rid of all that shit and it was good.

  • To The Last Drop Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Mänada prepares her slave for her golden shower

    We used to have a travel toilet with us when we went on a camping trip to the islands. It was such a handy plastic container that was filled with chemicals. At some point you got rid of all that shit and it was good.

  • Playing With Steam - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Iveta breathes smoke lazily into her slave's face

    Lady Iveta's newest slave has always been a little Pooh Bah. You could also think that it is slowly going up in smoke. But she always had a soft spot for smoking her slaves in pipes.

  • Under my Control - BRANDNEW!

    Madame Eva Liliel Black dominates her sub with her feet

    Admittedly our Madame Eva-Liliel is not an elf. But she doesn't have to be. After all, she also wants to distribute pain and not any wishes among her slaves. So she picked a completely new seat today.

  • CBT Fun With Clamps And Dental Floss - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Selina Morgan torments her slave's dick

    It's always important in a good relationship not to be clingy. This only narrows the partner too much and this can result in arguments, stress and maybe even pain. We know that you know that. These are the absolute basics in a relationship.

  • His first Assfuck - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita deflowers her slave

    How cute he is lying there. As innocent with his feet behind his head and the gate wide open. His only problem is, in this position he can't really see what's coming.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina laughs at her helpless slave

    Here we are again and what can we tell you. You can hand in your weak nerve costume directly at the cloakroom. The times when we still took your sensitivities into consideration are over. Now it's just full throttle and in the face. But did you expect anything different when you visited this site?

  • The Seam Stocking Challenge Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Miss Yuna lets her sub smell her feet

    You could have the feeling that our Miss Yuna has her own slave for almost every item of clothing. And you could also have the feeling that she's making a challenge out of everything.

  • Red Roses Red Ass Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina squeezes her defenseless slave's cock

    The grand finale is imminent. Through unbelievable three parts, our slave was allowed to struggle only to achieve the desired color of the ass. The dumplings were just a bonus here. But it looks good. Uniformly in a soft red. But there is room for improvement.