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  • The Rubber Toy 3

    2 Dominas und ihr Sklave in schwarzem Latex

    today we offer her the 3rd and final part with latex goddesses lady pascal and madame charlotte. this time the ladies decide to enjoy the sun outdoord a little bit. both ladies have fun now with the rubber toy that is a special position tied to the rubber bench again.

  • Caned For Bad Car Cleaning

    today we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom lady pascal. as she gets off her house and want to drive to town with her car she just needs a second to see that her car is not perfectly clean. so she orders her slave to come over and first he has to get on all fours. "i ordered you to clean the car spotless. this is real rubbish slave. get closer to the tyre! look at it! is this clean?"

  • Lick My Luxury Boots

    here we have another phantastic clip with german beautiful experienced goddess lady pascal! armed with a long and very painful brown bullwhip she come into the hall where a masked slave awaits her already. she just put one of her luxury high heel leather boot on a rack. the slave is a lil bit confused when looking at the mistress, but she just needs a short "hmmm" as an aggreement and at once the tongue of the slave goes into action! she is satisfied with the slave that he even dont need a command to know what he has to do.

  • Gas Mask Training

    next clip with gorgeous and famous german pro dom lady pascal is here today. she is very famous for beeing in latex stuff including gas mask plays. so this is what this clip is about. her slave is tied to a rack. it has to be said, that this slave is a non smoker. the slave has a classic gas mask on his head with a long hose.

  • The Lying Human Ashtray

    here we have another phantastic clip with adorable german pro dom lady pascal. this clip is a classic clip. the slave (our old non smoking slave) is already in a good position with his head lying on the couch while lady pascal relaxes also on her couch.

  • And It Burns, Burns, Burns…

    here is another very special clip today starring gorgeous experienced german pro dom lady pascal from berlin. as beeing a natural sadist this mistress always has impressive ideas to deal with her slaves and to inflict pain.

  • The Rubber Toy 2

    here we have the next part of our special latex feature with phantastic german pro doms lady pascal and madame charlotte. in this 2nd part they change their playing a lil bit.

  • Lick My Leather Boots

    today we have another clip with phantastic german pro dom lady pascal. she sits on a classic chair looking superhot dressed in leather all over. she orders her slave to come over, but wtf? he stands there like an idiot!

  • The Caning Massage 2

    here we have the continuation of first part from the special caning massage clip already available. remember: our old man her saw a sign on a house and gets in for a massage.

  • The Rubber Toy 1

    today we start with a really special series here. usually we are more into leather and our ladies are often dressed in expensive dominiant leather robes with leather boots and so on.

  • Horrible Caning

    If a slave was brought down to the special interrogation room and Lady Pascal is awaiting him dressed like this, he will have a very hard time. Pascal is dressed in skin tight leather trousers, she wears high heeled boots and her body is shaped by a black leather corset. Her short gloves shows off her long and sharp, red polished nails.

  • Lick My Pumps Spotless

    today we have another phantastic clip starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. this is a classic femdom movie with her hold slave. pascal relaxes on her sofa a lil bit, drinking some coffee, reading in a magazine.

  • The Caning Massage 1

    today we start with another special double feature starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. she is dressed in leather and an old client appears dressed in a dressing gown.

  • The Loser Will Be Sold

    Lady Pascal has desiced to sell one of her older slaves to have a place for a younger one. As a sadistic woman who loves to whip, she wants to sell the weakest slave, of course. That's why she tell these two slaves that they are going to be whipped now and the loser of this cruel competition will be sold.

  • Punished For Blasphemy 2

    today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he already gets his back whipped without mercy in part 1.

  • Bossy Business Lady

    Do you know that kind of bossy business ladies who are used to be in charge and who expect that they get everything they want? Like Lady Pascal, who returns from a meeting in her expensive car, already hooting because her butler doesn't appear immediately although he should her the sound of the big engine.

  • Immediate Caning

    Will this stupid slave ever learn? He was told to polish Lady Pascal's expensive sports car but he is doing that without passion and he does a lot of jokes. So many canings seem to show no effort. Exactly as he rubbs his ass against the car, his female owner leaves the house.

  • Gallery: Bootlicker Drill

    These slaves are here to become best bootlickers and there is a very good but cruel trainer: Lady Pascal, who is known for heavy training until total exhaustion. Dressed in black leather and overknee boots she makes sure the slaves will show a lot of attention. If not, there is still the bullwhip.

  • Whipped Without Mercy

    lady pascal rolls hin her slave in a cage as this new clip starts. he have been in there for a few hours. maybe he is happy now that his mistress releases him of the cage, but he dont know his new goddess lady pascal yet.

  • Gallery: Butler And Slave

    A picture set of Lady Pascal, who is wearing two stunning leather outfits, with her private butler and slave, used as human ashtray and boot cleaner!