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Lick My Luxury Boots

here we have another phantastic clip with german beautiful experienced goddess lady pascal! armed with a long and very painful brown bullwhip she come into the hall where a masked slave awaits her already. she just put one of her luxury high heel leather boot on a rack. the slave is a lil bit confused when looking at the mistress, but she just needs a short "hmmm" as an aggreement and at once the tongue of the slave goes into action! she is satisfied with the slave that he even dont need a command to know what he has to do.

but of course he gets commands, hard commands as pascal wants him to lick the metal heel clean and take the tip as deep as he can into his mouth. to make it a lil bit more uncomfortable for the slave he is ordered to get his hands on the rack and now the cruel goddess pressing down his hands with her wonderful weight as he has to continue his licking. well, to serve a goddess like lady pascal is always a pleasure but its always a bittersweet task, cuz the lady is never satisfied, very fluent and very humiliating with her sharp voice. so our poor slave has to lick and to worship the goddess for minutes and minutes and we can be very sure, that if the slave is not doing a good job, the bullwhip will go into action later!

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