Whipping & Caning

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The Caning Massage 2

here we have the continuation of first part from the special caning massage clip already available. remember: our old man her saw a sign on a house and gets in for a massage.

he is streched out on a leather rack and lady pascal starts a somehow special massage on the body of the naked client. while she was a lil bit softer at the start with the slave when getting out a cane in the second part the client really gets hard and accourate strokes. strokes after strokes from several canes getting down on the body where a mass of welts springing up all over. lady pascal massages him from all sites having lot of fun with the caning massage. there is no part of the body gets spared from her cane. ths client moans a lot now but lady pascal doesnt care. the massage will be finished if she wants to finish it!

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