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  • Angry, Cruel And Brutal

    Mistress Akella is the strict head Mistress of the male correction castle. The castle is known for severe methods to make a man a good slave. Every little mistake will be punished immediately. The female instructors wear heavy leather trousers, leather gloves and high heeled boots.

  • Kicking The Plumber

    It looks like this plumber enjoyed hisself in the bathroom of Lady Blackdiamoond's dungeon. As the young Mistress came to look athis work, she found him naked in the shower sniffing at her stockings.

  • Trashing Balls Is Fun

    On red stiletto heels Mistress Akella walks into the hall, dressed in a skin tight black latex skirt and a red latex top. Her long legs seem to be endless. As the blond beauty reaches the slave, his dick is already gib and hard. Akella is pleased to see that.

  • Ruthless Ballbusting

    As Mistress Akella arrive's in the hall, her slave's cock is immediately growing. Akella looks stunning in her black jodhpurs, short black jacket and these breath taking knee high boots. They are so shiny but so dangerous. The spiked heels promise pain.

  • Because I Can

    Empress Victoria loves and is used to be in charge. Nothing is more arousing for her than seeing her slave excited and in fear just looking at the same time.

  • Human Punching Bag

    It was a nice summer evening, the shooting was done and we opened the garage door to put the lights and cables back. As Mistress Akella saw the boxing gloves she was immediately excited.

  • Useless Balls

    Story Picture

    Last night Lady Ice decided that she doesn't want to use one of her sex slaves anymore. He will never be allowed to touch her and his cock and balls are useless now.