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  • Do You Smoke?

    That's the way the young but cruel Miss Tess wants her slave. Laying on the flor, the hands chained up over their heads so she can sit down on them and be sure that they are not able to touch her. And who would not like to touch her in her skin tight leggings and the black leather top that shows off her big breasts? Breathtaking view.

  • Sharp Heels Trampling

    The young and hot Miss Tess comes into the room where her slave is laying on the ground, ready to be abused by the mean girl. Tess is dressed in a sexy, skin tight and short dress and a pair of breathtaking GML leather boots.

  • I Need A Bootlicker

    If you think you already know young, arrogant and ruthless ladies, you don't know Miss Tess so far. We are still in the bar where Tess abused the barkeeper as her human ashtray. Tess wears that very hot and skin tight dress and expensive designer boots. She is used to have males doing everything she wants.

  • I Need An Ashtray

    Miss Tess, the young, spoiled and arrogant beauty, is sitting at the bar and has the barkeeper lighting up her long white cigarette. As always, Tess is dressed hot! She wears a short, skin tight black dress and black leather designer boots, paid by her rich dad.

  • Gallery: Spoiled Brat's Bootslave

    A pictures set of the young and spoiled Miss Tess who abuses her private slave to clean her designer boots. She doesn't take care of him although these boots have dangerous metal spiked heels.

  • Bootslave For Young Mistress

    That bootslave was waiting for hours now on his knees, blindfolded and gagged by his owner, the young and dominan Miss Tess. The blonde bombshell enters the room in a skin tight black outfit that looks so stunning. The slave can't see her but he can hear the sound of her high heels.

  • Don't Kid Miss Tess

    What a stupid waiter in this femdom club. The young but known as very cruel Miss Tess orders a glass of champagne and this crazy slave offers her water. Tess looks at the glass and and asks him if he is sure this is champagne. He says it's a champagne glass, so of course it's champagne.

  • Young Girl's Belt

    This clip starts with young Miss Tess preparing herself for making her slave suffer. She looks at herself in the mirror, making her hair and laying a leather belt around her waist. She wears skin tight black leggings and a black top, combined with her favourite high heels. Dressed like that she feels ready to abuse a slave for her own satisfaction.

  • Living Shoe Cleaner

    There is a femdom club where one slave has to spend his life bound to a wooden rack as a living shoe cleaner. Everytime a lady wants she can make use of him and make him cleaning their shoes.

  • Leather Girl Smoking

    The young but arrogant Miss Tess knows about her effect on males. Especially when she is dressed in skin tight, black leather, expensive boots and long leather gloves. Dressed like this and having a male slave kneeling down at her boots is such an arousing feeling.

  • Punished For Wanking

    Miss Tess is a strict young lady and already an expert in corporal punishments. Or should I better say: She LOVES to punish. This slave was sent to her because he was caught wanking.

  • Gallery: Be My Ashtray

    What a lucky slave: The young and hot Miss Tess sits on his belly in skin tight leggings with hot sandals at her feet. But he has to pay for this privilege. He has to serve as her human ashtray.

  • Spoiled Brat's Bootslave

    You may already know that Miss Tess is a very spoiled young lady who is used that slaves lives in chains around her to make her life as comfortable as possible. She doesn't care about them. From her point of view they are born to serve her.

  • Cruel Hot Smoker

    This clip introduces Miss Tess, a new young and cruel Mistress at SADO-LADIES.com. What should I say? Look at the preview pictures and your submissive heart will jump!